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Cool Web Springs, LLC. -- We are a small, Manassas area based and locally focused web hosting and design company. We work closely with our customers and we like it like that.

Recent work


Cool Web Springs, LLC is proud to host this site. If you live in the Prince William County area and you don't know Dr. Sours then you should. Beside from the fact she is an excellent dentist, she truly is a pillar in the Manassas community and an inspiring example of positive action when it comes to helping others (check out her bio).

There is a lot to look at in this site from a web technology perspective. The entire site theme automatically changes with the seasons. There is a photo gallery tour of her office, another gallery of Before & After shots, downloadable patient forms and more.

If you are looking for a great dentist, go with Dr. Sours. If you are looking for a web site solution, you've come to the right place.

Okay, so we're not always local. Fred Salrin is a close friend and about as good as it gets when it comes to quality work in marine HVAC. He wanted something simple and fresh to help promote his business even though he's already in very high demand.

When you are as good as Fred, a web site may not even be necessary since word of mouth keeps his customers coming back for more. As a respected professional in his industry we're proud he chose us to build and host his site.

This site was a quick build for a local class reunion. We built a database backend to track people and help them get back in touch. The database also included a bulletin board for saying hi, general discussion and event planning and tracking.

Lastly, it was wired with PayPal so attendants could buy tickets with major credit cards online and post their purchases right into the reunion bank account.

Oh, and it was a lot of fun!

What can we say about Joe's? They are a local institution for a reason. Great food and great service and they even deliver and provide catering services.

For this website we were looking for a simple presentation backed by a tool that would enable the restaurant owner to keep the menu fresh and the coupons and specials up to date. To do this we wrote from scratch a backend database system that the owner can use to update the menu dynamically.

You will therefore notice that the main URL for the menu is the same for all pages with PHP code to query the database and build the pages on the fly.

As a web site design company, we are always impressed with those who can pull off natural design. We like DH Custom Scapes for this reason. Locally owned and operated by Dave Helpard, you should expect nothing less when it comes to commercial and residential landscaping.

Dave himself pretty much came up with this design and we were happy to be able to deliver.