Whether your looking for a single-page presence, multiple pages with a contact form, a Wordpress Blog or a full-blown eCommerce site, I will sit down with you and we can come up with the plan that best suits your needs.


This is something I really enjoy doing. But if you've already got one put together, I can incorporate it into your web presence, from your site, to email signatures and Facebook pages.

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I don't really consider myself an artist, but I've always been pretty good at drawing and I know good design techniques. And I have a solid understanding of the tools and technology behind building outstanding graphics. Be it Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere, Audition or Blender, I am well-versed and comfortable with these industry standards, and more! That having been said, if something is beyond me, I have no problem working with a professional, if the customer and the budget allows for it!

Ad Campaigns

A good Google Ad campaign can really open up the floodgates for your business. I strongly recommend my clients take full advantage of these tools and I'd be happy to get you on your way!

Flyers, Restaurant Menus and Print Material

I built a site for an Italian Restaurant back in Virginia and it included both the printed menus, and the full, online version for customers to see. Obviously I included a backend system to maintain the full menu. The business was doing great, right up until the day VDOT routed six-lanes of traffic around their street, and almost over the top of them, pretty much forcing them to close a year later! The road was nice, but the I wish the restauarant was still there. Anyway, I learned a lot about menu system design and eminent domain!


Endless possibilities...

As your business grows, so can the technology to back it up! I work with a company that uses the latest cloud server technologies to provide seamless SSL security, RAID10 redundancy, SSD Speed and 24x7 Support.

Cloud Based Servers

Semi-Dedicated Servers

Virtual Private Servers

Cloud Web Hosting Servers

But, here's the best part...

You don't need to know or worry about any of this stuff. I'll set it up and maintain it for you and if anything goes wrong (we have a 99.9% uptime, guaranteed!), I'll take care of it. Period.

Shared Servers

First Time Email Setup/Training

SSL Certificates

Domain Registration/Renewals/Transfers


Advertising makes all the difference!

Google Ads, by far, has the largest advertising network and it is the place you will want to start your campaign, simply for the Search campaign type, alone. They also offer Display and Shopping type campaigns, but it's the Search that truly can boost your business. And while everyone has seen a Google Search Ad, Display Ads and Shopping Ads may need a little more explanation.

Display Ads are those kind of adsvertisements that appear on websites and mobile apps. So, when you visit a site like, or, Display Ads will appear in the margins of these sites or in their mobile apps. Their ability to reach a large audience at a ususually less expensive click rate may seem like a great way to go, but the quality of traffic Display Ads generate is not as good as other compaign options. On the other hand, if you are trying to raise brand awareness, Display Ads are probably the way to go.

Getting started...

If you are new to all of this, I can help get you started by walking you through setting up a simple Google Ad campaign. Expect to start getting calls almost immediately! See how that works for you for a little while. Then, if you want to go to the next level, I recommend going with one of the big Google Ad Partners out there, like Jumpfly, Delve or Disruptive, but for most small businesses, a simple Google Ads campaign is enough to test the waters and get some traffic coming in.


Solid Code, Fluid Design


One day...

I decided I needed a personal logo. Doesn't everyone need a personal logo?