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Solid Code, Fluid Design™

Meet the team

Well, mainly, it's just me...

My name is Swen. I've been in the Information Technology (IT) Business since the Jobs and Woz gave us the Apple II, as a software developer and a customer support manager. I am the one and only, full-time employee of Cool Web Springs, LLC. That means if we sit down together and come up with some ideas, I will be the one to write the code and realize the design—nothing gets lost in translation! And, later, if you have a question about your project or you need to make a change, I will be wholly familiar with exactly what we did. In the IT business, this model is sometimes called one-throat-to-choke because there is a certain, shall we say, baked in accountability.

What can we do for you?

When I say we, I mean me. On some rare occasions, I may call in someone for help or to do something specialized, but by and large, all of our services are delivered by me. And there's not much I haven't been able to do myself. My hope is these pages serve, not only prove that point, but provide you with some inspiration as to the possibilities! This paragraph, for example, scroll down, and watch what happens to this text!

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calls attention to a page in most interesting ways

Always designed to be fully responsive!

What does it mean to be responsive? All pages will properly respond to whatever width your browser window is set to, adjusting to the number, position and width of columns, as well as the text size. This ensures the page is always usable and readable—, whatever screen size your working on, and whatever device you are using. And it's all done seamlessly with CSS3 and HTML5. The result is nothing short of sublime.

Try it! Unless your reading this from a mobile phone, grab the edge of your browser window and change the width of the page. Watch how it dynamically rebuilds itself to suit your needs!.

One page, works in all browsers, on all devices!

Solid Code, Fluid Design™

Little things, that mean a lot...

Little touches that make your site stand out! You won't find these on the cookie-cutter, DIY website builder apps. When your site is professionally built, the sky is the limit! Be sure to browse this site, and look for anything that may grab your attention. Or make an appointment, and I'll be happy to sit down with you and we can explore the possibilities.

only clean code leads to dazzling design...

makes for compelling sites that draw one in...

What spins my wheels:

A customer that is blown away! Going back to 1996, I've worked for Oracle Customer Services as a Director, Top Account Executive, and Critical Account Manager. That last one is when you work with customers who are having the worst problems and they are just about to drop us, or worse. I have to go in, put the fire out and turn them around fast to make them true believers again. It's not easy, not by a long shot, but what a feeling when it happens!

I'm passionate about this stuff! I love a challenge, I love design and I love writing code that is elegant, secure and efficient! But at the end of the day, if the website doesn't work and you're not happy; if it's not driving your goals or driving business to your door, then there's not much point in any of this stuff, is there?

After all, it's not just a website!

Think about it. Today, everybody has a website, including all of your competition. The question is how will yours stand out in the endless ocean that is the internet?

How will your site go from being just a message in a bottle, to an intelligent, powerful engine that drives business to your shore?

You want to:

  • be first in the search
  • know how they found you
  • understand their needs and interests
  • establish a relationship
  • show them the possibilities
  • and compel them to act! *


* even if that act is just to stay on your site for a few more minutes; learning more; getting commited!

Little things, indeed!

Throughout this site, keep an eye out for special features and tools you may wish to use in your site. Just hover you mouse over pictures and things and you never know what might "pop up"! Like this tooltip, for example! It's a crazy world!

Someone oughta sell tickets. —H.I. McDonnough